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 About JB & Co. 

J.B. & Co. was born out of the desire to bring communities together in beautiful, intentional spaces. After graduating from Thomas Edison College, Joel Brown worked in the construction accounting industry and was always building something on the side. This hobby took fruition over a decade ago after creating a vacation rental house on the families ranch on the Brazos River, which went on to be featured in Tripadvisor’s “best places to stay in Central Texas”. Loving the complexity and creativity behind construction, Joel transitioned to working as a project manager for a fine home builder. He decided to take his work to the next level and created J.B. & Co. in 2015.

At J.B. & Co. LLC, the relationships with our clients built on quality of workmanship has attracted many repeat customers and together we are building a better future. Our connection with each client brings their vision to life. Our client-oriented projects enable us to further enhance our ability to create intricate and innovative construction solutions that bring superior results.

Since its founding, J.B. & Co. has grown as we built a myriad of projects that include, but are not limited to, park development, erosion control, interior renovation, and ground-up construction for municipal, county, state and federal projects as well as schools and private commercial spaces.

Notably, we have worked with President and Mrs. George W. Bush on an art gallery and painting studio, and the late renowned architect Frank D. Welch on his last large residential project.

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