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 In Construction

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 Why J.B. & Co.?

We are a team of construction managers partnering with local businesses and individuals to better serve each community by creating uniquely designed spaces. We strive to bring our client's vision to life, on time and on budget, with an astute attention to detail. Working alongside a professional and experienced team, J.B. & Co. provides quality, professional work to foster lasting partnerships with clients. Our partnerships routinely generate enduring business relationships.


"I am greatly impressed by J.B. & Co.'s workmanship and timeliness of this project. It is absolutely something to be proud of.  The project was completed in 96 days out of a 530 day performance period and completed with great quality."

—  Serena Holster, Contract Manager, Texas Parks & Wildlife Department


Our Clients

Skills & Experience

We specialize in complete turnkey process, from permitting to punch-list, to guarantee that your vision doesn’t get hung up at the city inspector’s desk, or that ADA compliance doesn’t interfere with your opening date. Our competencies include:

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